Discover World’s Most Responsive And Comfortable Horse Bit


” Riding using the Pee Wee Bit creates beautiful results for all levels or riders and horses.” 
Patricia Bona – USA

Do you have a strong horse that pulls? Is your horse evading the bit or perhaps fighting  it?  Or  do you have a young horse with soft, fussy mouth? With so many horse bits available you might be stuck for choice. You may feel that you need to compromise between your horse’s comfort and maximum performance. The fact is that horse bits have not evolved greatly in last 100 years. That is, until the revolutionary in design Macs Equine Pee Wee ™  Bit arrived on the scene. There is no need to compromise anymore. Combining the best solutions of traditional and western bit design, Pee Wee Bit provides maximum comfort to the horse and precision control to the rider. You do not need to use nosebands or martingals that distort communication between you and your horse. Your horse is relaxed, flexible  and ready to cooperate instead of resisting you.



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Why is the Macs Equine Pee Wee ™ Horse Bit The Most Comfortable And Responsive Bit  You Can Put In Your Horse’s Mouth?   


Gentle for Fussy Mouths

  • Uniquely curved mullen mouth does not  come into the contact with    the  roof of the  mouth and  creates room for the tongue.
  • Eliminates mouth injuries from a ‘nutcracker effect’ common with traditional bits.
  • Stops head throwing caused by pain to the roof of the mouth from the ‘nutcracker effect’.
  • Veterinary approved

“The Pee Wee Bit provides better control than other bits of similar design and does so with little or no irritation to the sensitive parts of the mooth; lips, tongue, cheeks or lower jaw of the horse. The Pee Wee Bit allows the rider to have maximum control over the horse with a bit that is gentle and acceptable to the horse. Also, the relaxed manner that the horse accepts the bit has therapeutic and performance benefits as well.”  James A. Meeker - D.V.A. – Tasmania, Australia


Maximum Comfort for Horse

A comfortable horse is a relaxed horse ready to learn and to cooperate.

  • Prevents pinching of the gums and lips. The large rings do not contact the sensitive sides of the face like the rings and sidebars in traditional bits. This prevents head tossing and laying on the bit.
  • Prevents dryness in horse’s mouth common with stainless steel bits. The mouth bar is made from “sweet iron” designed to rust. This produces a sweet taste in horse’s mouth and promotes salivation.


Precision Control for Rider

The only contact is to the lower jaw by the side bars when the rein contact is given. This contact is very specific and direct.

  • Reduces confusion in young horses  and speeds up the learning process
  • Eliminates  bit avoidance and laying on the bit
  • Encourages flexing down at the pole


All Purpose Bit for All Equestrian Disciplines

The Macs Equine Pee Wee ™ Horse Bit is perfect for training and competing in all equestrian disciplines. An ideal all rounder bit for:

  • Educating young horses
  • Re-training horses with bitting problems
  • Controlling strong pulling horses
  • Ideal for training race horses

” The first week I had a Pee Wee Bit in my possession I was so inspired by the results with my own three horses that I arranged to have it tested on four other horses. Simple in design, the nicely curved mullen mouth is inviting to even the softest mouthed horse. A horse that wants to head tilt, lean on rein or lug in resistance can be corrected with basic rein aids that activate the angled side bars (shanks). The bit can correct the heaviest and ugliest of evasions even with basic riding skills.” (Patricia Bona -USA)  


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There is simply no other bit on the market that works as effectively as the Pee Wee Bit. A must have of horse tack.